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Train AI ninjas to execute on content goals, leveraging your existing tools to create and learn autonomously in secure, enterprise workflows.

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Unlock your content's value

Scale your brand’s assets into consistent, onmi-channel messaging

Own the narrative

Ensure your brand is the go-to source in your industry, across search engines and socials


Reduction in cost

Create content at the speed of culture, in your brand’s voice, everywhere your fans are

Your Brand Ninja dashboard, showing key statistics, goals, and recommendations
The Brand Ninja content calendar, showing scheduled and published posts
Your Brand Ninja content queue, showing the content your Ninjas have autonomously created

repeatable but complex tasks

as if you're limited only by ideas

How it works

Define Brand Goals for your ninjas to execute on
Set up your data sources and your Ninjas will create on-brand content
Review and refine content, and your ninjas will learn what you like
Publish and perform faster than ever before

How the NBL is revolutionising sports content with AI teammates

By leveraging their brand's data as a competitive advantage, NBL are generating engaging content at the speed of the game.

Perfect for


Sports Entertainment

Repurpose match footage, press conferences, and raw statistics into trending articles and social posts

Media and Publishing

Automatically catch stories and trends as they happen, in your brand’s voice, with one-click publishing

Professional Services

Become a key source for insights on your industry, and build community with your customers

Thought Leaders

Build your personal brand through engaging and insightful industry commentary

Built for security
and scale

Brand Ninja is designed to support enterprise needs. Interoperable and extensible, it can be integrated with your workflows to leverage the tools and data you already have.

Built on the AWS stack with robust permissions and data encryption, it can be customised based on business needs.

What are Ninjas?

Your new AI-teammates can autonomously work with text, images, audio, and video to create compelling, original content.

Imagine coming into work and having your content ready to go - that’s what Ninjas promise.


Get access to the latest and greatest Generative AI models, supercharged by our proprietary ML models, known as JITSU.

Choose your preferred model with performance, functionality, and data sovereignty in mind.

The Brand Intelligence Model, visualised as clustered data
Brand Ninjas integrations, including Open AI, Google Gemini, Getty Images and Pexels, Directus and Wordpress, Google News, Sportsradar, and major social media platforms.


Connect Brand Ninja to the systems you already use, to make the most of your brand’s data and expertise.

More integrations being added each week, and custom integations available


Define your business goals and Ninjas will self-organise to meet them, using all the tools at their disposal.

Our people:

“We’re excited by Brand Ninja’s ability to automate content at the speed of the game at less than 10% the cost.

Brad Joyner - Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer @ NBL

Brand Ninja eliminates so much of the time between building strategy and seeing results, freeing up time for deep creative work. 24/7 conversation in the news cycle, in the correct tone is essential for any brand or thought leader.

Ally Galloway - Chief Marketing Officer @ Vinyl Group

"For professionals that don't have the time, Brand Ninja is the content autopilot we've been waiting for"

Andrew Ewington - Investment Analyst @ Superfund

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The Brand Ninja content calendar, showing your scheduled and published posts per day
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