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Works 24/7

24/7 brand conversation - dramatically improve the frequency of social publishing

90% Cost Reduction

Up to 90% reduction in cost per content unit, compared to human content creators.

34x Brand Awareness

Up to 34x increase in content distribution, in the first month of using Brand Ninja.

Tools like ChatGPT & Jasper rely on human effort.

Brand Ninja trains and deploys AI Agents to carry out Digital Marketing tasks Autonomously for your business.

The Ninja Advantage

🛠️ Fully Automated

Once set up, the only input Ninjas need from you is your approval and feedback.

Brand Ninja is the only platform that can build content, publish and learn without manual control.

Release time and capital for your team.

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😎 Personalised

Train Ninjas with advanced Brand Kits for personal and company profiles.

Ninjas learn from your feedback on the content they create. This compounding improvement is lost every time you start a new chat in ChatGPT.

🔐 Enterprise Ready

Unlock the advantage of team workflow with security you can trust.

Create real business outcomes with AI, not just passion projects.

Future-proof by introducing AI team mates that empower human staff.

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The Ninja Masters

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Anders Christiansen

Priority Recruitment

Managing Director
As a recruitment firm, maintaining brand conversation in the chaos of the business news cycle has been a major expense. Brand Ninja has not only exponentially reduced this expense, but unlocked an unfair advantage.
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Brad Joyner


Chief Commercial Officer
We’re excited by Brand Ninja’s ability to automate content at the speed of the game at less than 10% the cost.
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Alli Galloway


Head of Audience & Growth
Brand Ninja eliminates so much of the time between building strategy and seeing results, freeing up time for deep creative work. 24/7 conversation in the news cycle, in the correct tone is essential for any brand or thought leader.
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Andrew Ewington


Investment Analyst
For professionals that don’t have the time, Brand Ninja is the content autopilot we’ve been waiting for.

Our Pricing

Black Belt

/ Month
For businesses with mutiple brands or high volume needs
Text, Image & Video Content
10 Social Channels
Multiple Brands
Schedule Posts
Advanced Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Ninjas can create content for your personal and company brands automatically, leveraging daily trending content that your audience cares about and iterating performance based on your feedback. Chat.GPT is the most incredible generalist AI tool, Brand Ninja is your specialised AI team for content marketing.
The ‘trending content’ that Ninjas can create are effectively the AI equivalent of a human content-marketer consulting the internet for trends and relevant information to then synthesise new content based on a totally unique brand voice/kit/target audience/perspective.
Platforms prioritise content based on how well it responds to user interests and questions, not how it was created. To quote Google: 'As explained, however content is produced, those seeking success in Google Search should be looking to produce original, high-quality, people-first content demonstrating qualities E-E-A-T (expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.)
'Of course! All plans include a 7 day free trial :) See here
100% Multibrand accounts are available under the Black Belt Plan :)