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Frequently asked questions

What makes Brand Ninja unique?

Ninjas can create content for your personal and company brands automatically, leveraging daily trending content that your audience cares about along with your custom data sources. Crucially, it learns based on your feedback, meaning the content gets better over time, like a human teammate.

Chat.GPT is an incredible generalist AI tool, whereas Brand Ninja is your specialised AI team for content creation.

Do platforms penalise AI-generated content?

Google and other search engines prioritise useful content, whether it's human- or AI-generated. Brand Ninjas content is created with SEO at the forefront, and content is unique to your brand thanks to your own Brand Intelligence model.

To quote Google: 'However content is produced, those seeking success in Google Search should be looking to produce original, high-quality, people-first content demonstrating E-E-A-T (expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

What about copyright?

The ‘trending content’ that Ninjas can create are the AI equivalent of a human content-marketer consulting the internet for trends and relevant information, before creating new content based on your brand's unique perspective.

We are also integrated with stock image providers such as Getty Images and Pexels to access licensed images of real-world people, places, and events as needed by your brand.

How many brands can I create content for?

Brands are added as you need them, dependent on your plan. These can be business or personal brands - some business brands we work with have created brand-new publications to position themselves to "own the narrative" in their industry.

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